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Understanding Hair Transplant Surgery

People who are balding would benefit a lot through the surgical procedure of hair transplantation. Today this procedure is very common and popular. The problem of balding with men and women is a very real problem and it is a distressing situation for them. If they want to restore their scalp back to their natural and growing state, then the best option is to undergo this surgical procedure.

In this type of surgical procedure, hair is taken from other parts of the body and transplanted to the top of the head. Surgeons use hairs from other parts including the excess hair that grows around the back and sides of the scalp. Hair on these parts is found in those suffering from male pattern baldness and is called donor dominant hair. Donor dominant hairs grow on any balding area where it is transplanted. The method called follicular unit hair transplant is the most successful transplantation method. This procedure is a lot better than transitional hair transplant methods. Because of the small incisions and accurate placements of hair follicles in this method, the result is hair that is thicker and closer together compared to what you get from the traditional hair transplant methods. High powered microscopes are used to prepare and trim tissues. More grafts per square inch are placed by surgeons using this equipment. A highly trained and skilled restoration surgeon carefully harvests the hair follicles.

This is an outpatient procedure where the patient is given local anesthesia before surgery. The next step the surgeon does is to get follicles and hair from parts of the body that are donor dominant and they are divided into individual grafts. The balding part of the head will then be inserted with the grafts underneath the skin and are left there so that new hair will grow. The length of time in inserting grafts can take from six to eight hours, and it has to be done on more than one session until all the bald area is covered. The surgeon will put as many grafts as are needing for the balding parts of your head.

There is no immediate results for hair transplant. There is one method of hair transplantation that has become popular today which is called follicular unit hair transplant. When you see this happen, do not be discouraged because this is just really an effect of the procedure. Even though the new hairs will fall because of relocation trauma, in two or three month, new hair will grow from the follicles that were relocated. In the next six months, there will be hair growth that will continue to thicken.

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