Winter cap for women keep you warm

With the arrival of winter and freezing temperatures, hats are much more than an accessory because 70% of body heat is lost through the head and that is why they are a key element in the wardrobe. Besides protecting ourselves from the cold, the sun, the rain and stop the escape of heat from our organism, hats, also enhance our personality and even allow us to be fashionable.

A winter cap for women is an excellent option. In addition to being classic and versatile, it is very warm. You have the option to cover your ears, or not, as you want. The joke is that you keep yourself covered in the sun while keeping your temperature at its point.

Winter Cap

Hat has its origins in Russia, where they were used to barely endure the tremendous cold of that region. Time later had uses among the military, in aviation and even hunters get to use these hats.

They come in many different fabrics and styles, they are generally enduring and will last you a long time.

The wool cap will be the main protagonist, both those of fine and thick fabrics, among which stand out those that end with a large pompom skin on the tip and those that carry one at each end, simulating bear ears. The “tuque” model is one of the most used for its comfort and ability to conform to the head. This year, those who are turned back to Papa Smurf style.

Another strong one is the traditional crochet cap, which comes in different combinations and colors, although military green, black, white and blue stand out. The pimp, or popularly known as collar cap, still in force, although with stronger and strident colors than the original and of course, the children’s version with animals that wrap the head.

In winter it can help you to prevent your face from the wind, from the rain or even from those rays of sun that come out from time to time and for which many times we do not have the skin prepared. Because accept it, in winter you do not usually put a lot of sunscreen on your face (although you should).

For people who ski, caps with a visor are also useful because they protect them from the sun when they are in the mountains. Also, we do not need excuses; if you are cool with winter caps, put them on and period. Look at all these bloggers who have already released theirs.

Winter Caps Everywhere

The combination with the denim jacket with patches is the best.

Custom soft shell:

For men, women, and children, all with characteristics suitable to each need, such as specific cuts for female silhouettes, shorter arms for minors and different colors for the male audience.

Woolen Socks For Men:

If you keep your head safe with the cap then it is must that you keep your feet also warm. In case of men Woolen socks for men help to keep their feet warm easily.